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For better or worse--

-- through sickness and health

5 Tier Wedding Cake
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<3 Info <3

This is a community where you can claim someone [ a movie star, musician, lj user, anime character, etc. ] to marry. They have no say in the matter. =) Haha.

<3 Rules <3

1. One [ 1 ] claim per person. Not even my friends. No polygamy here, folks. =)
2. Make a post saying who you're claiming. [ duh. ] Not a comment or anything.
3. No off topic posts. That means no advertising.
4. No one can be claimed more than once.
5. Uhh. I can't think of a five. I thought of a #5. Give the full name. If it someone that is not a celebrity or whatever, and don't want stalkers killing them, give a close but fake last name. =)
6. Since I'm now trying to be cool and categorizing your claims to make it easy, please specify if they are from an anime, tv or movie actor, a book, a band or a solo singer, an lj friend, a real life friend, or whatever. =) If you don't, you get deleted and your claim does not get added. I am not a psychic, despite popular belief.
6a. I am growing increasingly irritated with the lack of adherence to rule 6 so I am implementing rule 6a. YOUR POST IS TO APPEAR AS FOLLOWING:
          Name of Claim:
          Category: [ please see claims list for categories. if you feel your claim doesn't fit into any of the listed categories, make a new one. ]
          Honor Pledge: I read the rules and that's why I'm doing this. x[your lj name]

Maintainer: longlivethecow

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